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Quarrel - John Kitzmiller

Although viewed as condescending today, the character of Quarrel was something as a breakthrough in 1962 in that it presented a black man as tough and courageous. Played with immense charm and skill by John Kitzmiller, Quarrel is a seemingly lazy Jamaican fisherman. In reality, he works for the CIA and assists Felix Leiter with local operations. Quarrel is presented as a somewhat childlike individual who is terrified by superstitions and the much-fabled dragon, which allegedly prowls Crab Key. However, this depiction cannot be attributed to racial stereotypes, as Honey Ryder is presented as equally naïve (although the sequence in which Bond instructs Quarrel to 'fetch my shoes' is painful to watch today). On the positive side, Quarrel is a loyal and gallant ally to Bond and his fear of Crab Key turns out to be justified when he falls victim to the dragon (actually a tank equipped with a flame-thrower). The death of Quarrel fills Bond with quiet rage and is one of the most sobering moments in the series. Quarrel's legacy continued to thrive a decade later, however, when his son Quarrel Jr assisted Bond in 'Live and Let Die'.

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