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M - Judi Dench

The announcement that Bond's new superior would be played by a woman made fans sceptical that the decision was merely a nod to political correctness. After all, how could Bond - the great seducer of otherwise stong-willed women - take orders from a member of the fair sex? With her first scene in 'GoldenEye', Judi Dench quieted the cynics with a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to the role. There is real tension between her and Bond, especially in the superb sequence in which he admits he regards her as a number-crunching bureaucrat, while she responds that he is a 'sexist, misogynist dinosaur - a relic of the Cold War.' In recent years, the Bond/M sequences had become pale shadows of those wonderful scenes with Bernard Lee from the early films. With Dench in the role, the relationship takes on a whole new mystique. There is still mutual respect between the two but it is understated and therefore all the more meaningful.


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