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M - Bernard Lee

We get a brief, but fascinating, glimpse into the private lifeof Bond's crusty superior in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' when 007 visits M's home, known as Quarterdeck. Here, we see the MI6 chief relaxing by engaging in his favourite pastime lepidopterology, the study of moths and butterflies. (Bond can't resist showing off his knowledge of the subject by correctly identifying a rare species) Back at the office, we get one of the best written sequences between the two characters ever to appear in a Bond film. M, frustated by 007's inability to track down Blofeld, removes him from the case. In anger, Bond promptly resigns. Through the efforts of Moneypenny, the men both calm down and resolve their differences with their pride intact. It's a wonderful sequence superbly acted by both Bernard Lee and George Lazenby, and it is made all the more rewarding by the subtle and unspoken way in which the affection between the two men is depicted.

Other Allies in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Marc Ange Draco


Sir Hilary Bray

Miss Moneypenny