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Kerim Bey - Pedro Armendariz

A former circus strongman, Kerim is a key member of MI6 and head of Station T in Istanbul. His headquarters are hidden amidst a carpet shop located in a busy bazaar. From here Kerim directs activities designed to spy on the Soviets and their Bulgarian henchmen. Controlling a large network of spies, his key employees comprise his sons (of whom he seemingly has a never-ending supply). Kerim's tactics are so effective that he has been able to install a naval periscope underneath the Soviet embassy's boardroom, thus allowing him to spy on meetings. He and Bond fast become friends and allies, possibly because neither is immune to enjoying a good drink and a willing woman. Kerim plays a vital role in 007's theft of the Lektor and his knowledge of the ancient sewer system allows them to escape the enemy and flee aboard the Orient Express. Tragically, it is onboard the train that he is murdered at the hands of Red Grant.

Pedro Armendariz gave a wonderfully charismatic portrayal of Kerim, making him one of the most memorable characters to appear in a Bond film. The veteran actor, a one-time member of John Ford's famous 'stock company', was battling terminal cancer during the filming of 'From Russia With Love'. He barely managed to finish the film before he was hospitalised. Wracked with pain, he had a gun smuggled into his room and used it to commit suicide just weeks after completing his work on the 007 film.

His son Pedro Armendariz Jr. appeared as a corrupt dictator in 'Licence To Kill' in 1989.

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