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Pussy Galore - Honor Blackman

Pussy Galore does not appear until well into the story. However, the audience's introduction to her is memorable. Bond is awakened from a drug-induced sleep and finds himself staring into the face of a gorgeous blonde. 'Who are you?' asks Bond groggily. 'My name is Pussy Galore,' is the reply. 'I must be dreaming,' says Bond with understandable incredulity. With the casting of sexy 'Avengers' star Honor Blackman, the lesbian tendencies of the literary Pussy Galore were insinuated in the film version. ('I'm immune,' she informs Bond, referring to his obvious attempts to charm her) Pussy and her Flying Circus of female stunt pilots are to spray a lethal nerve gas over Fort Knox to immobilize the troops prior to Goldfinger's invasion. However, she falls for Bond after he finally succeeds in seducing her. His prowess is enough not only to ensure she becomes an instant heterosexual but also to turn her allegiance to his cause. She secretly replaces the gas with a harmless substance which helps to thwart Goldfinger. The mature presence of Honor Blackman (at 37, the oldest Bond girl) added immeasurably to ensuring that Pussy Galore became one of the most memorable of all 007's lovers. Additionally, the name becomes part of the international lexicon and remains so today.

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