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Tilly Masterson - Tania Mallet

Equally as beautiful as her ill-fated sister Jill, Tilly embarks on a one-woman mission of revenge to kill Auric Goldfinger. She follows her prey to Switzerland, where she has a chance encounter with 007, who tries without success to persuade her not to interfere with his mission. Later, Bond encounters Tilly in the grounds of Goldfinger's headquarters where thet are pursued in a high-speed car chase. Ultimately, Tilly - like her sister - dies at the hands of Oddjob.

Tania Mallet was a well-known British fashion model when she was cast in the brief but pivotal role of Tilly Masterson. Although without previous acting experience, she acquitted herself quite well in 'Goldfinger'. She retired from the screen shortly afterwards but remains in demand by top fashion magazines today. In 1996, she was reunited with her cinematic 'sister' Shirley Eaton at a James Bond Fan Club convention at Pinewood Studios.

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