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This section contains the many dangerous and frightening henchmen who serve their evil masters in Bond's adventures. They are displayed in order of film.


Professor Dent - Anthony Dawson

The only henchman in Dr. No, Dent is a geologist deeply entangled in Dr. No's sinister plan. He attempts to mislead 007 in his search for the secret behind Crab Key. When he finds that 007 isn't one to give up, he tries to stop Bond's interference permentantly. First he tries a tarantula and then resorts to a gun. More Info

Donald 'Red' Grant - Robert Shaw

This convicted killer who is trained by SPECTRE as an assassin appears in From Russia With Love. His mission is simple: to avenge Dr. No by eliminating 007. Grant uses all of his strengh and power to almost bringing Bond to the point of submission, but is defeated by Bond's clever use of his Q-branch gadgetry. Without a doubt one of Bond's toughest adversaries to date. More Info

Oddjob - Harold Sakata

Seen in Goldfinger, Oddjob is one of Bond's most destructive and memorable adversaries. Although not the best golf caddy in the world, the mute Korean makes up for it in many other ways. Remembered chiefly for his steelrimmed bowler hat, Oddjob an almost invulnerable opponent for 007. However, Bond's quick thinking ensures Oddjob won't throw that hat ever again.

Vargas - Philip Locke

Largo's cold, heartless bodyguard in Thunderball, Vargas plays a small but significant part in SPECTRE's plan of world extortion. He is a loyal henchman, but in SPECTRE, loyalty means weakness, and weakness means death.

Mr. Osato - Teru Shimada

Towards the beginning of You Only Live Twice we are introduced to Mr. Osato, yet another hapless pawn in Blofeld's plans of world domination. Mr. Osato is the chief executive of Osato Enterprises. He is closely involved in the SPECTRE plot to start a world war by sabotaging space exploratory missions by both the U.S. and Russia and supplies numerous technical innovations to the SPECTRE space race.

Helga Brandt - Karin Dor

A SPECTRE operative posing as Mr. Osato's secretary in You Only Live Twice , Helga Brandt gets the upper hand on 007, and traps him in a falling plane. However, Bond escapes, and Brandt faces the wrath of SPECTRE for her failure.

Irma Bunt - Ilse Steppat

On Her Majesty's Secret Service sees the introduction of Irma Bunt, the stern matron at the institute, helping Blofeld with his schemes of worldwide extorsion.

Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd - Bruce Glover and Putter Smith

A very menacing and disturbing pair in Diamonds Are Forever, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are employed by SPECTRE to collect a large quantity of diamonds. They are a funny duo, but still carry with them a sense of evil. They have carried out many twisted tasks for SPECTRE, lead by the mysterious Blofeld, with frightening capability. Never seen apart, they are an un-remourseful pair who have killed on many occasions. Towards the end of the film, they attempt to do away with Bond, but as usual, he gets the upper hand on them.
They're certainly a couple you wouldn't want to run into. Ever.
"If at first you don't succeed Mr. Wint..."
"Try, Try again Mr. Kidd." .

Tee Hee - Julius Harris

Live And Let Die is where we see Tee Hee for the first, and unfortunately only time. His defining features are his wicked laugh and steel arm. His arm, which replaced the original that was eaten by an alligator, is large, mechanical and very powerful. It ends in a nasty claw that comes very close to giving Bond a nasty injury. He's Kananga/Mr. Big's right hand man, and is definately one of the best henchmen in the whole James Bond series.

Whisper - Earl Jolly Brown

Another of Kananga's henchmen in Live And Let Die who got his name because of his voice, Whisper works undercover in St. Monique as a waiter, lulling 007 into a false sense of security with his quiet, passive manner.

Baron Samedi - Geoffrey Holder

A very forbidding and spooky character in Live And Let Die, Baron Samedi is the so-called voodoo lord of the dead. He just doesn't want to seem to die, as a 44 Magnum gun and a box of poisonous snakes won't send him to the afterlife. Very scary.

Nick Nack - Herve Villechaize

Scaramanga's height-impaired assistant in The Man With The Golden Gun, Nick Nack is constantly trying to use others to eliminate his boss as he knows that when his master dies, he will become heir to his estate.

Naomi - Caroline Munroe

Stromberg's personal helicopter pilot and henchwoman in The Spy Who Loved Me, Naomi is sent to kill Bond. She chases Bond's Lotus until it crashes off of a bridge and into the sea. What she doesn't realise is that the Lotus is also a submersible, complete with missiles.

Jaws - Richard Kiel

Seen in both The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, Jaws is the ultimate and best-known henchman. Being virtually invincible, Jaws always manages to get up and carry on with what he was doing. Examples of his invulnerability are being fed to a shark, driven into the roof of a house, thrown out of a train, dropped out of an aeroplane, crashed into a winching station, had a big pile of bricks fall on him, plummeted over a waterfall and allowed to freefall from space. Besides this, he has a steel set of teeth that can bite straight through metal. Put quite plainly by 007, "His name's Jaws...He kills people."

Locque - Michael Gothard

Another minion of Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only is Locque, a murderous, loyal and very skilled henchman. His most distinguising feature is a pair of octagon-shaped glasses.

Erik Kriegler - John Wyman

In For Your Eyes Only this respected world champion in the Pentathalon, admired by the ladies, shows his other, darker side. He aids Kristatos' attempts to sell the British ATAC to the Russians.

Gobinda - Kabir Bedi

Gobinda is a well trained and highly skilled henchman in Octopussy, whose loyalty is his demise when he is ordered to do battle with Bond in an Indian jungle, on a speeding train and even on a moving airplane! More Info.

Mishka and Grishka - David and Anthony Meyer

Kamal Khan's trained assassins in Octopussy, Mishka and Grishka are knife throwing performers in Octopussy's Travelling Circus. However, they also use those knives on anyone who stands in the way of Khan's plans. More Info.

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