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'The Three Blind Mice'

These are a trio of supposedly blind beggars in Kingston, Jamaica, who, in reality, are paid assassins working for Dr. No. It is they who murder British agent Strangways and his secretary Miss Trueblood and set into motion the assignment, which brings 007 to the island. The 'blind men' are first seen over the film's main titles accompanied by an orchestration of the song 'Three Blind Mice'. They make their final appearance in a chase sequence during which they use the hearse they are driving to try to force 007's car over a cliff. Bond turns the tables and the would-be assassins take the plunge, causing Bond to remark casually, 'I think they were on their way to a funeral'.

Other henchmen in Dr. No

Professor Dent

Miss Taro

The Photographer

Mr Jones