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Professor Dent - Anthony Dawson

In his role as a Jamaican geologist, Professor Dent is the very picture of respectability. He befriends Strangways, the British Intelligence agent who is investigating Dr. No, and frequently plays Bridge with him at the Queen's Club. In reality, Dent is a henchman for Dr. No and plays a key role in the murder of Strangways. When 007 suspects Dent, the professor tries to assassinate him by placing a tarantula in 007's bed. When Bond emerges unscathed, Dent tries to do the job himself by ambushing 007 at the home of the seductive Miss Taro. Instead, he finds Bond waiting for him with Walther in hand. The sequence in which Bond calmly shoots Dent was shortened after censors complained that Dent's death was cold-blooded murder.

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