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Gobinda - Kabir Bedi

Gobinda is the tall, silent, handsome Indian henchman of Kamal Khan. He is virtually always at his employer's side and is more than willing to carry out murder and mayhem. Gobinda tries to assassinate Bond in a chaotic chase through an Indian marketplace. Later, in a very effective scene, he attempts to kill Bond in a battle on top of a speeding train. In the edge-of-the-seat finale, Gobinda and Khan discover that Bond is hanging on to the roof of their plane. 'Go out and get him,' orders Khan. For once, even the stoney-faced Gobinda looks incredulous at the prospect of climbing atop an airborne plane. In the brief struggle with 007, he falls to his death. The role is effectively played by Indian start Kabir Bedi who has considerable screen prescence.

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