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Krilencu - Fred Haggerty

This Bulgarian master of murder is employed by the Soviets to assassinate Western agents in Turkey. The archenemy of Kerim Bey, Krilencu is ordered by SMERSH to interrupt an uneasy truce and kill Kerim, who they mistakenly believe has murdered several of their agents. In fact, both Krilencu and Kerim are unknowingly being pitted against each other by SPECTRE. After Krilencu makes two unsuccessful attempts of Kerim's life, Kerim shoots him with a sniper's rifle as the Bulgarian attempts to climb out of the window of his hideout. This sequence contains an in-joke, as the wall of Krilencu's apartment carries a billboard of Anita Ekberg in the Bob Hope comedy 'Call Me Bwana', which was produced by Broccoli and Saltzman. (In the novel, the actress with the 'big mouth' was Marilyn Monroe.)

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