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Morzeny - Walter Gotell

Head of the training school for agents on SPECTRE island, Morzeny proudly escorts Rosa Klebb around the facility and introduces her to assassin Red Grant. Alas, Morzeny's career is cut short when he leads a flotilla of SPECTRE speedboats to intercept James Bond, who is escaping to Venice with Tatiana. In a superbly staged sequence, Bond dumps fuel tanks into the ocean and ignites them by firing a flare into the petrol-soaked water. Morzeny and his men perish in the resulting inferno, as Bond racks up yet another large entry in Blofeld's seemingly inexhaustible capital expenditures budget. Walter Gotell, who is silently menacing as Morzeny, would later appear as the charismatic KGB General Gogol in future Bond films.

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