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Dr. No - Joseph Wiseman

The first in the infamous line of perverted geniuses who do battle with James Bond, Dr Julius No remains one of the cinema's most legendary villains. Superbly played by Joseph Wiseman, he is a truly unique character and his presence so dominates the film that it is almost a revelation to realize that he is not seen until the final third of the movie. Setting the example for Bond bad guys to follow, Dr. No may be a ruthless murderer with a Napoleon complex but he certainly gets top marks as a host, wining and dining the captive Bond while calmly explaining his unorthodox background. The son of a German missionary and a Chinese woman, No became the entrusted treasurer of the notorious oriental crime syndicate, The Tongs. He absconded with $10 million of their funds and became a member of the secret terrorist organization SPECTRE. From his atomic-powered fortress disguised as a bauxite mine on the private island of Crab Key off the Jamaican coast, No established his own mini kingdom from which he sabotaged the American space program. His wealth and success had a price, however - the loss of his hands in an experiment. Thus, he replaced them with metallic hands capable of crushing stone. Ultimately, 007 manages to thwart his imminent plan to sabotage another US rocket. In the ensuing fight to the death, Dr. No falls into a pool of boiling hot, radioactive water, a rather hideous death until one compares it to his demise in Fleming's novel where he was buried under a mountain of bird guano.