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Auric Goldfinger - Gert Frobe

'The man with the Midas touch', Auric Goldfinger is one of the world's richest men. The British billionaire has it all: an exotic lifestyle, private jet, ownership of a posh British country club, a private army of henchmen and the services of Oddjob, the mute muscle-man who serves as a lethal majordomo for the megalomaniac. Goldfinger has an obsession with increasing his hoard of personal gold - by any means necessary, including smuggling, cheating and murdering. He melts gold down and disguises it as parts of his Rolls-Royce, thus allowing him to move the precious metal internationally without arousing suspicion. A corpulent, extremely intelligent man, Goldfinger is actually a ruthless killer. Though apolitical, he had eagerly accepted the 'gift' of an atomic bomb from the Red Chinese in order to carry out his most inspired scheme, 'Operation Grand Slam', the radioactive contamination of the gold supply at Fort Knox. This would ensure that the value of his own gold would multiply many times. He perishes after a hand-to-hand battle with Bond aboard an aircraft - he is sucked out of the window when the cabin depressurizes.

Goldfinger was so magnificently played by German actor Gert Frobe that many Bond fans don't realize he was dubbed entirely by actor Michael Collins because he could not speak a word of English.

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