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Kamal Khan - Louis Jordan

In typical Bond villain fashion, Khan is an aristocratic snob who still has the good manners to wine and dine 007 in elegance while making plans to assassinate him. Jordan is a good choice for the role and he brings his considerable acting skills to bear, making Khan one of the more interesting bad guys of recent years. A corrupt Afghan prince, Khan lives lavishly in India. He eventually double-crosses Octopussy and marks her for death when he teams up with General Orlov to use her circus as the catalyst for a nuclear disaster. When he is defeated, Khan tries to escape by plane, using Octopussy as a hostage - a strategy that backfires when he meets a spectacular death. Jordan has a number of memorable sequences, the best being his silent smouldering as Bond forces him to bid an outrageous price for a Fabergé egg at a Sotheby's auction. There is also a terrific scene in which Bond beats him at gambling, causing Khan to warn him to 'spend the money quickly, Mr.Bond'.

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General Orlov