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Aston Martin DB5

The introduction of the gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 resulted in this remarkable vehicle gaining the name 'The Most Famous Car In The World'. Special-effects expert John Stears approached the Aston Martin car company with a view to using one of their cars for 'Goldfinger', but explained that the film company could not afford to actually buy one. Aston Martin decided to lend them the car on the condition that it was returned at the end of filming and could be used for their own promotional purposes. A deal was struck and Stears and his team went about the task of turning this highly desirable British sports car into a deadly, death defying arsenal on wheels.

It's features were:

Hydraulic overriders, front and back, which could be used as rams (although this function is not used in the film)

Front-mounted machine guns concealed behind the indicator lights

A bullet-proof shield that emerged to protect the rear window

Revolving licence plates valid in England, France and Switzerland

Concealed in the rear light clusters, a high-powered oil jet and a device that dispensed nails to foil pursuing cars (not shown in film)

Rear smoke screen

Revolving tyre slasher that emerged from the hub of the nearside rear wheel

Mobile phone concealed within the driver's door panel (not shown in film)

A weapons tray underneath the driver's seat (not shown in film)

An onboard radar display screen for tracking enemy vehicles (assuming a homing device has been placed in the target car)

A weapons control panel concealed within the centre arm rest

An ejector seat for the removal of unwanted passengers (the control button for this was hidden in the top of the gear stick)

The car features prominently in a stunning and highly amusing chase sequence in which Bond evades his pursuers while using most of the gadgetry described by Q. In reality, 2 cars were used during filming, one of which did not feature any of the working gadgets. Shortly after the film was completed, the second vehicle was furnished with identical gadgetry to that of the original. It was used for publicity purposes and appeared in 'Thunderball.'

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