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Other Vehicles

Here are the vehicles that have been used by some of Bond's arch enemies in
evading the services of MI6's finest agent.

Dragon Tank The Dragon Tank is Dr. No's main line of defence against trespassers on Crab Key. Disguised as a dragon to keep superstitious Jamaicans off the island, the armoured vehicle is equipped with a flame-thrower. The two-man machine is used to deadly effect when Quarrel falls victim to its flame during a gun battle. In the novel, Bond and Honey hijack the rank and escape from Dr. No's lair, but in the film version they flee by boat. A local swamp buggy, which was capable of being driven across the waterlogged marshes of the area, was used in the building of the Dragon Tank. The menacing looking vehicle was in fact just a tubular framework clad with metal sheeting. At the end of the production, the producers agreed to return the tank to the company that built it on the understanding that it would be dismantled and used for scrap metal. Dr. No
Tuk-Tuk 'Company Taxi' The standard Tuk-Tuk taxi is a small, three-wheeled vehicle which resembles a motorized rickshaw and is used in India's metropolitan areas. Vijay's Tuk-Tuk 'company taxi' allows him to demonstrate his evasive driving skills in a wild and amusing chase through city streets with Gobinda and his men in hot pursuit. Vijay makes the taxi ride on its two rear wheels and actually gets it to fly through the air to the amazement of the locals. Octopussy