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Here is a long list of all the weapons in the James Bond movies.



Walther PPK 7.65mm

From Russia With Love

Folding Sniper's Rifle

Poised-tipped shoe

Wristwatch/Piano wire garotte



Golden pistol

Goldfinger's laser

Oddjob's bowler hat


Thunderball -
You Only Live Twice

Ninja weapons

Helga's lipstick bomb

On Her Majesty's Secret Service -
Diamonds Are Forever


Finger Clamp

Piton gun

Bombe surprise


Live and Let Die


Compressed air-bullet

Kananga's scarecrows

Dart-shooting car mirror


The Man With The Golden Gun


The Golden Gun


The Spy Who Loved Me


Ski-pole rifle



Detonator watch

Wrist dart gun

Laser guns

For Your Eyes Only -

Demolition case

Yo-Yo buzz saw

A View To A Kill -
The Living Daylights


Walther Sniper's rifle

Whitaker's assault rifle

Explosive milk bottles


Licence To Kill


Dentonite toothpaste

Exploding alarm clock

Laser camera

Signature gun



Parker pen

Tomorrow Never Dies Walther P99
The World Is Not Enough Walther P99