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Magda - Kristina Wayborn

This beautiful blonde serves as right-hand woman to Octopussy. Magda is assigned to seduce 007 in order to recover a stolen Fabergé egg. During the course of their encounter in bed, Magda utters one of the film's best lines by raising a champagne glass and informing 007 suggestively that 'I need refilling'. She also proudly displays the Octopus tattoo (referred to as 'my little Octopussy') which identifies her as part of Octopussy's cult. Magda represents the earlier type of Bond girl: buxom, leggy and oozing sexuality. She is extremely well played by Kristina Wayborn, who also gets the opportunity to show her athletic prowess when Magda uses her fighting skills to help Bond in the assault against Kamal Khan.

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