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Octopussy - Maud Adams

The beautiful owner of a traveling circus based in India, Octopussy is as exotic as her name. Having revived the ancient Octopus cult, she lives in splendour in a palace guarded by an all-female army of gymnasts. She uses her circus as a cover for her partnership with Kamal Khan in the international gem-smuggling business. The daughter of disgraced British agent, Dexter Smythe, Octopussy is grateful to James Bond for allowing her father to commit suicide rather than face the scandal of a high-profile court martial on charges of theft and murder. She and 007 become lovers and when the traitorous Khan captures her, Bond must race against time to rescue her.

Maud Adams is one of the most accomplished actresses to appear in a Bond film. She exudes considerable chemistry with Roger Moore and ensures her status as one of the most memorable of Bond's ladies. As a side note, Adams is the only actress to date to have major roles in two Bond movies (she has previously appeared as Andrea Anders in 'The Man With The Golden Gun').

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