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Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Anthony Dawson

In his first screen appearance, the SPECTRE mastermind's face is unseen as he develops a murderous plot in conjunction with Rosa Klebb and Kronsteen. Blofeld is given no background in his screen debut, but traits, which would become his hallmark are already established. For example, he has a habit of stroking his white Persian cat whilst planning diabolical schemes. He is devoid of any overt emotions and discusses matters of life and death as though he were commenting on the weather. He strikes fear into the even the most cold-blooded killers, and makes analogies about SPECTRE and the Japanese fighting fish he keeps in his office (both let their intended victims do battle with each other until they are too weak to defend themselves). After warning his underlings about the price of failure, he orders the assassination of the person who feels he is immune to the threat. (Blofeld would repeat this novel exercise in irony in 'Thunderball' and 'You Only Live Twice'.) Anthony Dawson, who portrayed Professor Dent in 'Dr. No', played Blofeld in 'From Russia With Love', though his voice was dubbed by actor Eric Pohlman.

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