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Acrostar Mini Jet

This fabulous one-man jet was designed, built and flown by stunt pilot 'Corkey' Fornof. The Acrostar Mini Jet (also known as the the Bede Jet) is capable of flying at over 300mph. Its power is supllied by a single jet engine, a micro-turbo TRS-18 and it is the world's smallest jet plane. The one concession to artistic licence in the film is the plane's retractable wings - needed to enable Bond to hide the Acrostar behind a phoney horse's rear end in a trailer. In the spectacularly exciting pre-credits sequence (one of the best of the series), Bond uses the jet to escape his enemies. However, it looks like curtains when he can't shake off a heat-seeking missile. He daringly races through an airline hangar as the villains try to close the door and trap him. The Acrostar makes it through by inches but the missile doesn't. Thus, the bad guys are destroyed in the resulting explosion. The sequence was achieved by using full-scale replicas, the real jet and miniatures - each of which is indistinguishable from the other (a testimony to the professionalism of the technicians and special-effects department). Two of the replicas are on display at Planet Hollywood and restaurants in Las Vegas and Dublin.

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