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Jill Masterson - Shirley Eaton

This beautiful, free-spirited young woman aids and abets Auric Goldfinger in his obsession with cheating at cards by using binoculars to spy on the other man's deck. Bond discovers the scheme and persuades Jill to help him humiliate Goldfinger, forcing him to lose thousands of dollars to his opponent. In the process of seducing Jill, Bind is knocked unconscious by Oddjob and awakens to a shocking sight - the body of Jill on his bed, dead from skin suffocation after having been gilded in gold paint. The resulting image caused a sensation when Shirley Eaton re-created the scene for the cover of 'Life' magazine. The image was so unforgettable that she became one of the most photographed actresses of the 1960s - despite the fact that she appears in the film for less than 5 minutes. Indeed, her brief sequence in 'Goldfinger' remains one of the most enduring images in cinematic history.

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