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This section features the beautiful women who Bond has come into contact with throughout his missions.


Honey Ryder - Ursula Andress

Appearing in Dr. No, Honey is a beautiful but naive Bond girl who first meets 007 on a beach. She then helps him get to Dr. No's lair, past gunmen and the infamous 'Dragon'. More Info

Tatiana Romanova - Daniela Bianchi

In From Russia With Love the luscious Tatiana is entangled in a twisted plot for stealing the LEKTOR decoding device. This naive young Russian is ordered tries to seduce him so that Rosa Klebb, a turncoat Soviet can kill him and steal the LEKTOR for Blofeld. More Info

Pussy Galore - Honor Blackman

In Goldfinger Pussy starts off working for Auric Goldfinger, playing a fundamental part in 'Operation: Grand Slam'. Alongside other female members of her flying circus, she is offered alot of money by him to spread a gas via airplane which will kill all those working at Fort Knox. Thankfully Bond's charm works on her, and she helps him in defeating Goldfinger. More Info

Domino Vitale - Claudine Auger

As Largo's mistress in Thunderball, Domino teams up with Bond when she discovered that Largo was involved in the brutal murder of her brother.

Kissy Suzuki - Mie Hama

After pretending to marry Bond in You Only Live Twice, Kissy joins him in the search for Blofeld's secret rocket base.

Tracy DiVincenzo - Diana Rigg

The stunning daughter of Draco in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Tracy is involved in a whirlwind romance with 007 throughout the film up to the point when Bond proposes to her.

Tiffany Case - Jill St. John

Diamonds Are Forever is where this attractive criminal joins Bond in his battle against Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Solitaire - Jane Seymour

The sexy Solitaire appears in Live And Let Die as a fortune teller who works exclusively for Kananga.

Mary Goodnight - Britt Ekland

This voluptuous British agent appears in The Man With The Golden Gun, assisting Bond in tracking down Scaramanga.

Major Anya Amasova - Barbara Bach

The luscious KGB Agent 'Triple X' in The Spy Who Loved Me, she aids 007 in defeating Stromberg. She also has a personal vendetta against Bond though, because he killed her husband, a fellow Russian KGB agent.

Dr. Holly Goodhead - Lois Chiles

Under the alias of an astrophysicist working for Drax's Moonraker project, this talented CIA agent teams up with Bond and helps him in boarding the Moonraker Space Station and destroying the death orbs.

Melina Havlock - Carol Bouquet

Appearing in For Your Eyes Only, this stunning half-Greek daughter of a murdered archaeologist joins 007 in his mission to stop the cunning Kristatos from seizing the important A.T.A.C. device.

Octopussy - Maud Adams

Starring in a film that takes her name, Octopussy is a beautiful diamond smuggler and her team of sexy acrobats ally themselves with James Bond and wage war against the evil Kamal. Maud Adams also played Andrea Anders in The Man With The Golden Gun. More Info

Stacey Sutton - Tanya Roberts

Featuring in A View To A Kill this beautiful geologist helps Bond expose the villainous "Project Main Strike" - Max Zorin's plot to destroy Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake!

Kara Milovy - Maryam d'Abo

Originally marked for assassination by Bond in The Living Daylights, this sensuous Czech cellist soon joins him in an adventure that will take them from the streets of Vienna to the deserts of Afghanistan.

Pam Bouvier - Carey Lowell

This breathtakingly beautiful CIA agent in Licence To Kill is just as handy in a deadly barroom brawl as she is at the controls of her airplane and becomes one of Bond's only allies in his quest for vengeance against drug lord Franz Sanchez.

Lupe Lamora - Talisa Soto

Franz Sanchez's luscious mistress in License To Kill, Lupe turns against him when Bond wins her allegiance - and her heart.

Natalya Simonova - Izabella Scorupco

In GoldenEye, Natalya is thrusted from her job a computer programmer straignt in to Bond's arms. Together, they manage to thwart Alec Trevelyan's plans.

Paris Carver - Teri Hatcher

Elliot Carver's wife in Tomorrow Never Dies, Paris gives Bond key information that enables him to retrieve the GPS decoder.

Wai Lin - Michelle Yeoh

An agent for the Chinese People's External Security Force in Tomorrow Never Dies, Wai Lin puts her amazing martial arts and marksmanship skills into practise in helping 007 stop Carver.

Christmas Jones - Denise Richards

A stunning nuclear scientist in The World Is Not Enough, Christmas helps Bond stop the detination of the nuclear bombs in the pipeline and aboard the submarine.

Elektra King - Sophie Marceau

In The World Is Not Enough, Elektra is protected by Bond after her father is assassinated.