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This section contains the megalomanical masterminds that 007 has had to defeat in his missions. They are displayed in order of film.


Dr. Julius No - Joseph Wiseman

Appearing in Dr. No, the first James Bond film which also bears his name, Dr. No is a SPECTRE operative whose steel hands make him an intimidating and fearsome villain. His goal is to destroy the American space program. More Info Spectre

Rosa Klebb - Lotte Lenya

Although she is seemingly the villainess in From Russia With Love where she is in charge of a plot involving the LEKTOR decoding device, Klebb is merely a pawn in Blofeld's plans for world domination. More Info Spectre

Auric Goldfinger - Gert Frobe

Seen in Goldfinger, the film bearing his name, this gold-loving mastermind is a British tycoon who has planned meticulously to detonate an atomic bomb inside Fort Knox, America's Gold Reserve, thus increasing the value of his own holdings. More Info

Emilio Largo - Adolfo Celi

The one-eyed Largo appears in Thunderball as Number Two, second in command of SPECTRE and answering only to Blofeld. He is incharge of a masterful scheme to hijack two NATO atomic bombs, which will then be used to hold the world hostage until SPECTRE's demands are met.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Donald Pleasance

Finally, to the end of You Only Live Twice the scarred face of Blofeld, leader of SPECTRE under the codename Number One, is revealed. He leads a plot to initaite another World War from his secluded and extravagant lair inside a volcano.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Telly Savalas

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service Blofeld returns yet again to lead a plot to hold the world to ransom. The now ear lobe-less adversary for 007 concocts a devilish plot involving viruses, mind control and evil, faultless planning.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Charles Gray

Diamonds Are Forever sees the return of Blofeld yet again at the centre of a fiendish plot involving the theft of a fortune in diamonds a cloning method that allows him to create any number of exact replicas of himself.

Kananga/Mr.Big - Yaphet Kotto

In Live And Let Die the villain is Dr. Kananga, who also uses the alias of Mr. Big. His evil but ingenious plan involves growing opium and then giving it away for free, thus establishing a large share in the global drugs market.

Fransisco Scaramanga - Christopher Lee

The title of the film gives it away really: The Man With The Golden Gun. Scaramanga is as suave and professional as Bond. In fact, Scaramanga would not wish to kill Bond but actually admires him! Alas, they both have a job to do, and each one can't let the other stand in his way. Scaramanga's distinguishing feature is his third nipple, which identifies him as the one and only man with the golden gun.

Karl Stromberg - Curt Jurgens

Stromberg masterminds his very own nuclear holocaust in The Spy Who Loved Me by using stolen atomic bombs to turn rival nations against each other and wipe each other out.

Hugo Drax - Michael Lonsdale

Moonraker provides us with yet another genius mad man; Hugo Drax. In order to realise his dream of creating a race of perfect humans, Drax plans to annihilate every human on Earth. Of course Drax won't be down on Earth when this plan is implemented. He'll be aboard a space station along with his 'perfect specimens', invisible to radar and human knowledge.

Aris Kristatos - Julian Glover

Competing with Bond to retrieve the British ATAC device in For Your Eyes Only, Kristatos is a ruthless and vicious opponent who will stop at nothing to hand the ATAC over to the KGB and dispose of 007.

Kamal Khan - Louis Jourdan

This exiled Afghan prince in Octopussy teams up with a power-crazed Communist general in an attempt to detonate an atomic bomb in Western Europe. More Info

Max Zorin - Christopher Walken

A German war-time experiment gone wrong, Zorin's plot in A View To A Kill is to create an earthquake, destroy Silicon Valley and conquer the microchip market.

Brad Whitaker - Joe Don Baker

This war-obsessed arms dealer features in The Living Daylights. His obsession with battles and war goes to the lengths of playing with toy soldiers and collecting the latest weapons and wax models of famous leaders.

Franz Sanchez - Robert Davi

Sanchez features in Licence To Kill. He is a South American drug lord who is the leader in a global cocaine deal. Bond wasn't assigned to dealing with Sanchez officially, but seeks revenge after Sanchez tried feeding Bond's friend Felix to some sharks among other things. James Bond's dark side is not a good place to be.

Alec Trevelyan - Sean Bean

Carrying out a twisted plan in GoldenEye, this turn-coat 00 agent has two goals: Firstly, he wants revenge on the British goverment for playing a vital part in the death of his parents. Secondly he wants revenge on Bond for causing unsightly burns on his face when Bond set off some timed mines after 3 minutes instead of 6. His plan involves stealing control of the Soviet GoldenEye satallite and then using it to destroy every single computer chip within a 30 mile radius of London, England.

Elliot Carver - Jonathan Pryce

In Tomorrow Never Dies media mogul Elliot Carver decides to take the law into his own hands by making big news stories happen and providing live coverage. His first big story involves attempting to start a war between the British and Chinese. Of course his news crews are the first on the scene.

Renard - Robert Carlyle

The World Is Not Enough is where we are introduced to Renard. He is a fearsome, frightening and dangerous villain for one single reason: He cannot feel pain. In the words of Dr. Warmflash in the film, "He can push himself harder, stronger and further than any normal man." But then again, James Bond isn't any normal man either...